The Plan is We All Make It.
— Business Babes

Business Babes, LLC is a professional strategy and coaching service and online resource center developed to assist other budding female entrepreneurs in their efforts to manage their businesses and network.  Started in 2013 by Yolanda Keels-Walker, Business Babes is the only full-service coaching business where you receive extensive coaching from idea conception to well after the start-up phase. Our coaches range from branding specialists to attorneys, to CPAs and are all experienced entrepreneurs.

Why You Need A Business Coach

A business coach is a necessity your business or career must have.

High performers in any field typically have a business coach or mentor. A great coach provides you with the benefit of their experience and they force you to think about your business in ways that you wouldn’t do on your own. Accountability, objectivity, and valuable insight are some of the greatest strengths of working with a Business Coach. A Business Coach will help you develop long-term and short term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in areas that you might face struggle. You may be able to survive in business without the assistance of a Coach, but it’s almost impossible to thrive…

Let Us Help You.


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Yolanda Keels-Walker 

Yolanda Keels-Walker is an author and serial entrepreneur with a knack for networking with other Business Babes. Yolanda began her career with the Central Intelligence Agency after graduating from Hampton University with a BS in Business Management. While there, she negotiated contracts on behalf of the federal government and served rotations with the National Reconnaissance Office and East Asia Division receiving six Exceptional Performance Awards. Continuing her career in Contract Negotiations and Procurement, Yolanda went on to work in management capacity at General Dynamics and ManTech managing several employees and handling sensitive government projects in excess of $980 million.

In 2010 Yolanda got married, liquidated all of her assets,  and moved to Philadelphia, PA to start a family and pursue her first successful business, The Weave Bar hair salon. The first six months were brutal. Yolanda tirelessly worked six to seven days a week all while nursing a new born she had a week prior to opening and a two year old toddler. Two years, two locations and twenty employees later, Yolanda walked away from her first "business baby" as a result of a very messy divorce. With a new lease on life, Yolanda rebranded her previous interests into Suite Extensions Salons in order to build a company that reflected her values and commitment to service . Different Dream. Same Hustle.    

Only six months into opening Suite Extensions, Yolanda learned that her ex-husband and ex-business partner was building a competing Weave Bar location across the street on the same block with a billboard on top of her building to match. Instead of allowing this to hinder her and break her spirit, Yolanda started Business Babes to build up and help other women that may have encountered business hardships. Yolanda lives by the creed "Your setback is a setup for a comeback," and is committed to helping other women realize their dreams no matter the obstacles. Today, Business Babes boasts over 60,000 members.

Yolanda's portfolio includes real estate development, business coaching, public speaking engagements, and a private label cosmetics development company. Yolanda also owns Pink Label Beauty, a luxury hair care brand, The Six Figure Stylist, and is a partner with Girls Auto Clinic. In her free time, she loves mentoring single mothers interested in entrepreneurship, visiting her hometown of Virginia Beach and spending time with her princesses' Gabby and London.





Marquita Eshun {Accounting/Tax}

Marquita has been a Finance professional for over 10 years.  Upon graduating from West Chester University in 2004 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting and a minor in Finance, she began her career in the Public sector of Accounting going to work for one of the “Big 4” Accounting Firms, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP as a Tax Accountant. There she focused primarily on Corporate Tax Return Compliance and tax provision preparation.  She remained at PwC for a little over four years during the time with which she was promoted to Senior Tax Accountant.  

Upon leaving PwC Marquita transitioned into the Private Sector of Accounting going to work for Thales, a large French International Engineering firm with 12 different Subsidiaries, specializing in Aerospace, Defense and Security.  Thales has about 68,000 employees, $12.3 Billion in annual revenues and a presence over 50 countries.  She began her career at Thales, working in their Domestic Finance Subsidiary, Thales Finance Corporation, in 2009 as a Senior Tax analyst focusing on International and Domestic Tax compliance and research.  In 2011 after passing all 4 parts of the CPA examination, Marquita became a Certified Public Accountant.  Due to her deep technical knowledge of Tax Law and Compliance, and innovative abilities in the tax field, Marquita was promoted to Tax Manager of Thales Finance Corporation in 2012.  Under the Manager title Marquita took on the role of managing all of Thales’ Domestic interactions including  their Consolidated Return Preparation, Tax Provisioning, Deferred Tax Analysis ‘Studies, Transfer Pricing Documentation and Studies for all 12 Subsidiaries, State Tax Compliance and Nexus qualifications and any and all research involving Tax Law. She also began consulting with her International counterparts on all US tax ramifications they would face based on the terms of specific Bids/Contracts sent to her review. Marquita took an extreme liking to Consulting on these International Bids and Contract Proposals for Thales and began to heavily consult on many of their Merger and Acquisition and Bid/Proposal Contracts.  Siting out ways to arrange the language and flow of the contracts to ensure her Firm had the best and most complaint financial result.    In 2012 Marquita also launched Araba & Associates, LLC her own private tax preparation firm, specializing in tax preparation for individuals and small businesses.   

In 2013 Marquita was promoted to her current position with Thales Finance Corporation, as Director of International and Domestic Corporate Taxation.  She now handles all of the US consulting for tax issues and possible ramification resulting from Bid and Proposal Contracts. She consults on numerous merger-and-acquisition deals, both domestic and internationally. In 2014 she held a major role in consulting with one of Thales’ biggest acquisitions to date — the $400 million acquisition of LiveTV a sub-division of JetBlue Airlines. She is the Corporate Tax Guru and the "go-to woman" in the company for all Domestic and International tax compliance, Bid/Proposal Tax analysis, transfer pricing, nexus, and numerous other issues both domestically and internationally.   

In 2014 Marquita continued to make strides in her field. She was recognized, nominated and named as one of The 2014 Philadelphia Business Journal's Woman of Distinction in Business, an award granted to 30 outstanding women making amazing strides in the Business world with origins to Philadelphia.  During this year she also became a partner in opening her first Hair Salon in May, Studio 44 hair Salon located on 19th and Cecil B. Moore in Philadelphia, Pa. She loves the beauty industry and is intending on opening a second salon in early 2016. 

Marquita strongly believes in “Lifting as she climbs” and the empowerment of others.  She volunteers often at The Hope Café in Center City Philadelphia, feeding the Homeless and also speaking with them about empowerment and offering motivation as well as a listening ear. She also “unofficially” Mentors numerous young women and men on Investing and building wealth and those also looking for guidance on how to break into the field of Accounting.   Marquita is an avid fitness fanatic, in her spare time you can find her working out, and sometimes training others.  She also loves travelling and spending time, building memorable moments with friends and family.


Tiffany Gillespie {Event/Wedding Planning}

Top 100 Champion - Small Business Influencer Award Winner, Tiffany Gillespie, has established herself as a the go to advocate for all things small business. As a successful serial entrepreneur, Tiffany's list of accolades far exceed her age. In her mid-20s, she has successfully made the transition from the corporate world to full-time entrepreneurship. In addition to being a business owner, Tiffany is also a content contributor for Winery Weddings Magazine and the Co-Director of 1000 Women for 1000 Girls Mentoring Program. 

Tiffany's expertise and passion for weddings/events are evident in exclusive clientele that she has the pleasure of serving through her company, To the "T" Events & Catering. A Kentucky native, Tiffany, relocated to Baltimore, MD in the late 1990's, where she received most of her formal education. Even at a young age, Tiffany had a love for bringing joy to the lives of others by successfully coordinating numerous private events.  While at LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, Tiffany discovered her passion for planning large scale corporate and community events.Owner and Lead Event Coordinator, Tiffany Gillespie, founded this company to not only create lavish events; but to also create a stunning experience for an exclusive clientele. In the years since first discovering her passion for event coordination, Tiffany's skills and expertise have been sought out by some of the most prestigious individuals and organizations. She has received recognition and awards for her creativity and business savvy.  Tiffany has designed and coordinated stellar events for elected officials, Philadelphia universities, religious organizations, nationally recognized social organizations, CEOs, non-profit organizations, and authors from New York to Virginia, and even some clientele in the Midwest. 

In addition to displaying her creative gifts, Tiffany has also shared her knowledge of the Events Industry, Entrepreneurship, Overcoming Adversity, and more through speaking engagements at Drexel University, Burlington Community College and numerous events in the Pennsylvania tri-state area. After sharing knowledge with numerous aspiring business owners from all industries and all parts of the country, Tiffany decided that it was time to focus on helping those in her industry. Thus, the Wedding Planners Academy was launched. The purpose of Wedding Planners Academy's program is to help aspiring wedding and event planners launch their business/career or take their business/career to the next level. With a 100% success rate, Tiffany is determined to save those aspiring business owners from years of lack and frustration in their businesses. 

In continuing with her entrepreneurial pursuits and her passion for successful business babes, Tiffany launched the women's accessories company in January 2015. The response to this company's mission to return integrity to the women's fashion world has been overwhelming. Without a doubt, Tiffany Gillespie is on the move and walking in her purpose!

Alycia Kinchloe, Esq. {Legal}

Alycia Kinchloe, Esq., MBA is a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania.  Alycia’s track to becoming an attorney started when she began working with a newly formed law practice at the age of 16 as a file clerk. Over the years, that practice grew from two employees to 150 employees.  She was promoted rapidly during that time to positions that included team leader, office manager, paralegal, and law clerk.  Alycia continued to work there while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University. She also worked at that firm full-time during the day while attending Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in the evening. 

Shortly after passing the bar exam, Alycia was promoted to Managing Attorney.  Within two years, Alycia returned to school, attending St. Joseph’s University’s Executive Master’s of Business Administration program while working full time and raising a family.  The EMBA program further developed Alycia’s executive skills including financial and strategic planning, marketing, and human resource development.  This contributed greatly to her role as a managing attorney. 

As a managing attorney, Alycia’s responsibilities included the hiring, grooming, and coaching of dozens of attorneys.  She also worked with other senior managers to insure the success of the firm through strategic planning, process management, and budgeting.  While managing the firm’s largest area of practice, she also helped to integrate new areas of practice into the firm’s portfolio.  After working at the firm for 16 years, Alycia decided to leave that practice launch her solo practice: Kinchloe Law, LLC.

Based in Center City Philadelphia, Kinchloe Law is a boutique law firm that focuses on providing business services to local, small businesses, as well as providing services in the areas of family law and disability law.   Alycia also provides pro bono legal services through the Philadelphia Volunteers for the Indigent Program, which aims to provide legal services to those who are not financially able to retain a private attorney.  Alycia also does one-on-one mentoring and coaching to several individuals who have come to her in a number of ways.  These individuals include lawyers, other legal professionals, students, as well as other small business owners.

Alycia is frequently a panelist at continuing legal education courses where she lectures other attorneys on various areas of practice.  As part of her lecture, she also contributes to the course materials that are available outside of the actual courses.  

Alycia thoroughly enjoys being a lawyer.  However, as a manager, she loved helping people to recognize and realize their full potential.  She continues to drive that passion through business coaching, consulting, and mentoring.

Genesis Dorsey {BRANDING & DESIGN}

Genesis Dorsey has a passion for connecting people to one another and to God. As a woman just in her early 20's, she has already established herself as a powerful connecting force in Branding and Ministry. As a serious advocate for connecting God with Business, she began her passion with graphic design as a teenager helping support her local church and update their look to the world. Her desire was to follow in her mother's footsteps and become the next psychologist in their family. However, God had other plans. She graduated high school from Red Lion Christian Academy in 2010. She then pursued a Psychology degree at Spelman College in Atlanta,GA. In the year of 2012, she left Spelman and returned back to Delaware to help run a family business.

It was here that Genesis came to a major crossroad that would turn her into the woman that she is today. At the age of 19, she took over the family business and gave it a fresh look, doing all she could with limited knowledge and expertise. However, out of necessity, she began to learn how to hold the ropes and guide a business that had already been in existence for over 10 years. It was out of this frightful situation, that her true purpose was birthed. God began to reveal to her what impact she would have on the Kingdom of God, including businesses that she never even knew she was meant to serve. Genesis began to develop a more intimate relationship with God which cultivated her desire to reach women and youth around the world. In October 2012, she created Girls of Royalty, a Christian Ministry-Based Network for women of all ages and races. Through Girls of Royalty, Genesis began to mold and develop her strategies into helping others and connecting people to a brand. In 2014, she realized that many businesses and personal brands did not have the correct strategy to build up their image because God and original creativity was missing from the center. In April of that year, she opened up, GigiCreates (now Genesis Digital Agency), a design and brand company that helps clients realize and unwrap their God-given potential and turn them into brands that make a powerful impact for the Glory of God. She began to help churches, speakers, organizations, businesses, and corporations understand how to create honest and engaging brands. Genesis is one of the youngest leaders and brand builders in the industry that seeks to help people understand that with God at the center, your dream and your goals are destined to become a reality.

She continues to serve within the family business in every capacity that is needed. On her days off, she is heavily involved as the creative director at her local church where her parents are the pastors. Her motto is: It's all about Jesus and People.

Afea Tucker {Public relations & communication}


Afea Tucker is an author and successful communications strategist with a portfolio of clients ranging from entertainers, media personalities, political candidates, curators, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. Afea is most known for her media relations and brand management success. In 2010, Afea became one of the most sought after Public Relations Specialist in her area, swiftly making a name for herself as a young strategic mastermind. She now consults and hopes to inspire others to sell their best self and products by sharing her own experiences and professional knowledge.

As a communications strategist and publicist to the pros, Afea, will first handily teach you how to compose your best pitch to get the results you want. Her conversational style method of coaching and teaching makes it uncomplicated to understand the basics of public relations. Lessons include understanding the power of having an effective pitch, how to formulate a great pitch, when to pitch, and who to pitch to from a trusted public relations consultant who has earned much success booking clients on major networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS, Radio One, and more! This will allow you to connect with journalists and obtain media placement without being a seasoned publicist.