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Ok Babes! This membership cycle we wanted to focus on you! So many times, we find ourselves putting other people, places, and things in front of our wants, desires, and plans. There's nothing wrong with being a resource for others, but it cannot come at the complete expense of our dreams and aspirations. We're putting our goals, our self-care, and our hustle FIRST.  This quarter we're tackling PERSONAL BRANDING, HOW TO GROW YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCES AND EMAIL LISTS OVER 10,000, and CREATING SYSTEMS TO HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY.  

We're putting you first and helping you focus on completing your goals. With weeks of custom curated content, you'll walk away with the exact tools and resources you've been trying forever to attain to help you level up, grow your base of supporters, and make more money. Every month we're covering a new topic and providing accountability. Join us. 

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Less of This... 

Stop getting frustrated and wanting to quit because it feels like everyone else is winning and you're constantly playing catch up. It's not you... it's the way you're operating or lack there of. Put your big girl panties on, become a member, and let's commit to getting you where you need to be in order for you to feel successful. 

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More of this...

Your attitude changes when your business starts poppin'. You have the resources to grow, you can pay bills and expenses, and even splurge a bit on the things you really want. Struggling trying to "figure it all out" yourself isn't always the best way. Hack your growth. Get the answers. Make more money. 


Membership Levels

VIP Business Babe Membership

VIP Business Babe Membership

Business Babe Handbook Hardcopy, Business Babe T-Shirt, Monthly Live Coaching Call, Worksheets, and Includes Additional Perks.

$27/mo, $59 one time setup fee (includes shipping)

Business Babe Membership I

Business Babe Membership I

Business Babe T-Shirt and Includes Additional Perks.

$10/mo, $29.99 one time setup fee (includes shipping)

Business Babe Membership II

Business Babe Membership II

Business Babe Handbook Hardcopy and Includes Additional Perks.

$10/mo, $27 one time setup fee (includes shipping)

Additional Perks Include... Access to our Private Facebook Group, Ability to Unlock Bonus/Exclusive Content, Discounts and Offers to Events, Webinars, Q&A sessions, Special Masterclasses, Access to Curated Content, Tips, Worksheets, and More!



What makes being a Business Babe member different than any other platform?

Babes Brag Different. We're real entrepreneurs that have built real businesses from the ground up with real connections to help our members grow. Our founding members list an Attorney, a CPA, a Venture Capitalist, Real Estate Investors, Salon Owners, Event Producers, Brand Builders &Influencers, and a Couple MILFs. We're real women that can identify with you and where you're going.

Other sites seem cliquish. How do I know that I'll fit in?

You Can Get With This...

Or You Can Get With That...

Kudos to other membership sites but The Babes are a different breed. Our motto is You Can Sit With Us, and we firmly push our members and clients to the levels they aspire to achieve. We recognize that we're all working for the same goal; to be GREAT. We take pride in the diversity of our membership and built a solid business model on inclusion and providing quality resources.

Ok. I'm down. But What's Included?

ADDITIONAL perks Our members get:

Access to our Private Facebook Group

Ability to unlock bonus/exclusive content

Discounts and offers to events

webinars, and our Monthly Q&A sessions

Special Masterclasses & Webinars

Access to curated content, tips, worksheets, and more!

We create webinars based on the topics you need. We provide you with discounts every month that are worth even more than your monthly membership. That's how much we want to see you soar. Want access to past challenges, discounts on webinars, and monthly resources to help you and your business grow? Enter our membership site. We'll see you inside real soon!