Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself {The Rebrand Part I}


In August of this year I decided to leave a business of three years that I built from conception. I can still remember working my corporate 9-5 job but stealing away hours to work on my business plan. I remember checking and daily for inspiration and ideas on how to effectively plan and run my business. I remember what it felt like liquidating my retirement savings to buy salon chairs and furniture from Ikea. After the nausea, there was self-fulfillment. I remember telling people the salon would be "all black everything," and I'd only carry black-owned products, and I would run it solely on commission and not on booth rentals. They thought I was insane.

As an entrepreneur, I spent so much time on planning and running my business that I never gave thought to how I'd deal with things not working out. I follow the Tim Gun mantra of "Make It Work," so it never crossed my mind that one day I would leave something I birthed. The decision was less about money, control, or uneasiness for me. It had everything to do with my beliefs, my values, and how I viewed myself. When you feel compromised and your soul tells you it's time to go, you go. And there's no amount of money, shame, guilt, or time served that can make you stay.

So I've begun a process of rebuilding and rebranding, not only my business, but myself.  It hasn't been easy, but this journey has taught me a lot about myself, my business acumen, and about those that love and support me. Allow me to share the growth...