A Business Lesson from Kendrick Lamar

There's a misconception that entrepreneurship and certain levels of success afford you the ability to "do what you want when and how you want." That's true in part. When you own your own business it is true that you have complete control, you're still accountable to others --clients, employees, partners, shareholders, etc...  You'll be a slave to your brand until a certain level of success is attained. And after that, you'll still have to work hard to maintain and sustain. There is no final destination. The grind doesn't stop. The hustle doesn't quit.

In the August/September 2014 issue of Complex Magazine, Insanul Ahmed sits with rapper, Kendrick Lamar as he discusseworking on his upcoming album. The article describes Kendrick's rise from his first mixtape at age 16, his influences, and his process working in the studio. The article also gives insight into Lamar's thought process. He believes his gift is God given and that he is fulfilling a purpose. It goes further to show that despite Lamar's success, his grind and hustle remain as hungry as before his rise. 


Read the entire article here.

Yolanda Keels-WalkerComment