Irritation: The Mother of Passion

“You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you're not passionate enough from the start, you'll never stick it out.” -Steve Jobs

You have to get to the place where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I believe that irritation helps birth some of our greatest products, businesses, and dreams. Here are some points that I want to provide to you on irritation and passion.

1. Never become complacent in your space of irritation. There are many who are fine being stuck and that's not a good thing. Let the irritation push you towards your goals.

2. Irritation can cause you to create a solution for your irritation. Are you a mother that finds yourself frustrated with maybe certain hair products for your child's hair? Maybe you're an entrepreneur that wish there was an app for something that you constantly needed. Maybe you're a nurse or doctor that wish there was a device or service that supplied something that would make your life much easier. It's all about taking that irritation and friction and making it into something amazing.

3. Passion comes from creating solutions. I don't think I've never met a person passionate about creating chaos unless we're talking about the devil (haha). The most passionate entrepreneurs I've met love that they have created solutions for the world. It's like what Steve Jobs said about "making it right". Even when you provide your elevator pitch, people want to know what you are providing that would not just change but improve their everyday lives or business. It's not enough to change something. We should want to improve how things are being done.

When it comes to Business Babes, we're not your everyday business coach company.

What irritated us that pushed us to Business Babes as a coaching platform & community/

1. We were tired of seeing other women entrepreneurs or future ones invest loads of money into programs where the coaches had never been successful running theirs or never had a business. We think business coaches should automatically be business owners who have a proven track record!

2. We were irritated with the plethora of coaching platforms that were focused on the the money more than the development of women.

3. We felt like there needed to be a platform that was a one-stop-shop for current and future entrepreneurs. Why pay loads of money for just one aspect of business when you would need later down the road a business expert/mentor, a laywer, an accountant, event planning, and some branding? Many coaching programs offer a 1-person perspective. We felt the need to change that layout.

4. We were tired of "interpretive" coaching. Coaching needs to be specific. One business plan will not apply to all. You need coaching that is custom at the heart. Not all retail companies have the same model and neither should you. Are you starting a non-profit, ministry, or PR firm? Know that having a coach that will tell you the no-no's for your specific vision is necessary. As a brand expert, founder & creative head of 4 ministries, and a business owner, I know this has yielded me much success. Only experts can tell you what will or will not work because we've tried it for ourselves!

What is it that we provide that no one else has provided? How are we improving this business coach model?

1. Well-Rounded Team of Female Entrepreneurs from every area of business that you will need. With 5 coaches from 5 aspects of business, the women we have the honor to work with leave our programs feeling completely at peace. We're not saying that the storms won't come in business (because they will). What we're saying is that you now have some protective sails to face those winds because of the well-balanced coaching from the different arenas.

2. Proven Results & Warm Community. I think this is something that is often undervalued. The #1 thing that draws many women to Business Babes is the success each coach has had in their individual business(es) and lives. We're not perfect and we're very transparent in this. However, through the warm community of women we've built up, it helps women feel at ease about their dreams. Many business coach models harp on coaching but we're also into creating a community. This is why we put on local events in Philadelphia monthly & virtual challenges to help you jump into networking, goal creation, and much more!

3. Putting the Women over the Profit. In today's society we're seeing more focus on the dollar. While we're all about making money and profit, we understand that your inner fortitude and strength is what will impact all that you do. So we put the actual woman before the dollar. If your mind & spirit is in the right place then you will be able to direct your attention more in the right way.

This is what makes me proud to say I'm a Business Babe! It was the irritation within each of us as coaches that pushed us to be passionate about Business Babes! What irritates you & how has that motivated you to create something amazing?