5 Ways to Stay Confident as a Business Babe

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” - Beyoncé

If being a Business Babe were easy, then everyone would be doing it.  Being a babe in business is not for the faint of heart, and by now, you are well aware of this. Some days you get hyped when PayPal notifications ding your phone, while other days you can barely get likes on your Instagram posts. 

Often times being an entrepreneur can look easy on the outside, but that can be far from the truth on the inside. As a result, your confidence is tested day in and day out. 

As a Business Babe it is important for you to believe fiercely in your come up. Here are 5 ways to unleash your fierce confidence daily:


  1. Say business related affirmations daily that match your desired goals. 

For example, “I make sales daily.” “Money is coming to me in unexpected ways.” “I am a boss at marketing.” “I am a best-selling author” “My clients always give me 5 star reviews.” By speaking your desires into existence, you increase your chances of manifesting it quicker. 


  1. Write a future biography of yourself. 

Pretend it is 5 years from now, and write a biography of what you hope to accomplish. Write it in present tense, for example “Maria Fox is an award winning life coach. She is a ‘coach to the stars.’ She has been featured in Essence Magazine. Every year she hosts a coaching retreat in Jamaica that is booked for the next 3 years because so many clients want to experience her soulful and spiritual approach to living life on their own terms.” Read your bio weekly or add it to a vision board to remind you of your long term business vision. 


  1. Keep a gratitude jar

Get a glass jar and label it “Gratitude Jar.” When you have a success in your business such as your Instagram followers grow, you close a sale, you get a Paypal Notification, etc. drop a note of gratitude into the jar. Acknowledging the small successes will help you stay positive on days that are not as rewarding. 


  1. Journal about your WHY.

Purchase a cute journal that is only for business musings. When you’re having a rough day, write out “why” you decided to go into business. If you ever start comparing yourself to other more successful entrepreneurs or even fail to reach a goal, journal about “why” you think you are feeling that way. Knowing the deeper meaning behind why you chose entrepreneurship and why something is bothering you will propel you to keep moving forward. 


  1. Invest in coaching from successful Business Babes

Cut your learning curve and increase your confidence by investing in books, programs, challenges, and coaching sessions that help you in the areas you struggle with in your business. The more you grow your knowledge, the more confident you will be.


By using these tips you will stay focused on building your business and collecting your checks. Even if naysayers talk, people won’t support you, people get intimidated by your success, you start to doubt yourself, or things move slower than expected, hold your head high and keep fighting for your dreams.