5 Ways to Start 2019 Off With a Bang

Happy New Year Babes! 2018 was a beast for most of us, filled with tons of highs, lows, and growth. Here are 5 tips to help all of us start 2019 off with a bang!

1. Review 2018

Part of moving forward is reflecting on what the past has taught you. Take a detailed and honest look at 2018 and consider the good and the not so good things that occurred. Acknowledge your growth periods, accomplishments, lessons, and enriching experiences.

Review all areas of your life as you reflect back on 2018:










personal growth




What risks did you take that paid off? What were some of your biggest accomplishments and wins? What was your biggest disappointment or loss? What lessons can you bring into 2019 that will help you have success? Overall, what were your major 2018 takeaways?

2. The Success Set-Up

As you review 2018, consider what you would like to change, stop, start, or continue for 2019. Identify the behaviors and activities that made you successful last year, and consider how you can repeat them this upcoming year.

Focus on what you can change, and understand that change begins with you. Take a hard look at the activities that are not working for you or simply not adding value to your life. As you set yourself up for success in 2019, consider what support you might need from others. This might be the year you hire a professional coach to assist you in clarifying and realizing your dreams and aspirations.

3. Focus on the Future

Babes design lives that they love! Take some time and envision the year ahead. What if it could be exactly as you imagined it to be?

What would it look like?

Who would you be with?

Where would you be or go?

What would you be doing?

What major wins are you accomplishing?

What type of increase are you expecting?

Again, consider all areas of your life. What makes you happiest in every area of your life? Get very clear on your vision. What will this year be about for you?

4. Set SMART Goals

Turn your vision into bite-size pieces by writing out specific and measurable goals as a way of gaining clarity and focus.

The elements of SMART goals are:

Simple (10 words or less)

Measurable and Meaningful (something you have control over)

As if now (use present tense vs. future tense words)

Realistic and Responsible

Timely and Toward what you want (ensure there is a target date)

Goals that are written and viewed often are more likely to be achieved. Make sure you write out your goals and then read them out loud every morning. Go a step further by adding them to a vision board and spending time in meditation daily. Visualize the things you want happening in your life.

5. Start Taking Action

As you plan each day’s activities, ask yourself: What one thing can I do today that will move me in the direction of at least one of my goals? Even baby steps are steps in the right direction and can produce huge gains over time.

I firmly believe 2019 is going to be our best year ever! Claim it!