By Alycia A. Kinchloe, Esq., MBA

Being an entrepreneur is demanding.  We don’t have to tell you that.  One of the 

potential casualties is your relationship with your significant other, your friends, or 

unfortunately, your children. Queue the mommy (or daddy) guilt.

It’s important that you acknowledge that being a business owner or entrepreneur 

can strain your relationship with your children. Realize also that being an 

entrepreneur is a lifestyle.  You cannot clock in and out from it everyday at 5:00.  

Therefore, you must take concerted steps to insure that you are not neglecting your 

relationships with your children in the name of building your empire.

Here are a few tips that we have found helpful when it comes to protecting your 

relationship with your children:

1. Include your children in your work.  Have your children see what you are 

working on.  Talk to them about it, even if they are small.  Including them will 

pique their interest in running businesses and will have the added benefit of 

giving you quality time with them.

2. Create family rituals.  We all look back fondly on those family rituals we 

had with our parents.  Create at least one weekly ritual that involves 

spending exclusive time with them.  No business, no phones.  For example, on 

Sundays, Alycia and her family always have cinnamon rolls while watching 

television together.  It doesn’t have to be grand it just has to be a good fit for 

you and your family. 

3. Stay tuned in.  Talk to your children everyday about their day.  Listen and 

engage. Every. Day.

4. Have monthly family activities.  Each month, have an activity that everyone 

in the family participates in.  Have a movie night. Have a family game night.  

Make it somewhat of a big deal.  Again, be in the moment.  

5. Give individual attention to each child.  If you have more than one child, 

set aside special time with each child where they will have your full attention.  

You can do this while running an errand or you can have a mommy and me 

date.  Use this time to connect with your child.  Ask them about school, 

friends, and their interests.

If your child feels like you are clued into their lives, they will be better able to handle 

your busy lifestyle.  These tips may not end the mommy or daddy guilt, but it will 

definitely impact your child in a positive way.  Keeping your eye on the amount and 

the quality of the time you are spending with your children may actually reduce that 


Do you have mommy guilt? What specific steps do you take to make sure that you 

are not neglecting your relationships with your children?

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