Why "Real Entrepreneurs" Should Consider MLM Based Opportunities

Lately I've been bombarded with tons of questions about why someone "like me" would join Total Life Changes (TLC), an MLM-based business. My guess is that people don't understand why a serial entrepreneur with storefronts, staff, and success in other areas would need to sell a "detox tea" or sign people up.

People say the five things below to me ALL THE TIME, and I usually ignore them because I don't have time to discuss strategy if there's no check or real opportunity involved. I've never been one to convince people about something because I'm too busy doing...But I got a little time today.

1. I Can't Sell Tea.

I can't be broke. I always reverse engineer every business opportunity and figure out how it becomes passive income for me. If I have to be present to make money, I typically decline that opportunity because I guard my time as my biggest asset. I chose TLC because I love the NRG (I replaced coffee with that) and the Emu Oil (great for growing thin edges, so it's a must for my salon).  TLC also pays the highest commission out of all the others. Putting together a plan for how to create an additional $10K a week was easy for me. I work the plan weekly and pass it on to everyone I bring in.

I'd never sign up to peddle products. I just take a different approach on how I present opportunities to people, and I show my clientele that the products actually work. It's not hard to make money when you believe in what you're doing and there's a system created so you can earn money in your sleep.

2. It's a pyramid scheme. 

It's not by definition. I won't get into specifics because all of that can be rectified by a simple google search. You don't have to sign anyone up and can still make great money with retail alone.

3. People are Going to Think I'm Corny. 

Those are not your people. I would put more concern into my financial matters and less on public opinion. There are TONS of people that became filthy rich doing MLM type businesses that people respect now because they're successful. Thousands use their MLM earned money to fuel their dreams and future business endeavors. Don't let someone's perception deter you from doing what's in your best interest. 

Aside from that, if you're trying to become an influencer, it's one of the best ways to garner a following and get free self-development training. It absolutely helps you network with all types of people and build your base of supporters. That alone is enough reason to join.

4. I'm Not a Seller.

You must enjoy being broke. Everyone is a seller in some capacity.  The more comfortable you get with sales and defining your strategy, the more money you'll make and the more opportunities you will create. I'll never be gimmicky. It's not my style. I didn't hard sell to my circle because they don't respond well with pitches. They've asked to be involved based on the results they've seen come to fruition in my life and based on the sales strategy I created for my team. Some people need to see the benefit over you telling them.

5. I Don't Have Time. 

You can work this part-time and still make money. I put in five hours a week and have made great money and connections for other opportunities outside of TLC. 

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend an event with Nene Leakes, who recently joined TLC, and peeped a trend that I know will take off immediately. Even the self-proclaimed "Very Rich" and those that have amassed huge success will take advantage of leveraging their networks to make even more money. Don't allow a stigma (that's not even true) to get in your way of making more money and building up a base of supporters. 

I get that die-hard start up entrepreneurs don't consider direct marketers entrepreneurs. I just don't care all that much about what others do or call themselves. I'm not one that gets stuck on titles because I'll sweep, mop, and clean the toilet of any business that I own. If someone makes $400K a year I respect that whether they work for themselves or for someone else. The bigger picture for me affords me the opportunity to leverage the base I've built for gain and to increase that base by thousands. That's a win-win for every entrepreneur.

If you want more information or have questions please feel free to email me via the box below.

If you're interested in signing up click here and I'll be contacting you directly upon your enrollment to help you build your passive income stream and influence. 

Note: Join my business partner and Regional Director in TLC (that means she's made over $100,000). Nathalie Nicole, on periscope to talk about how she's used this to grow her Plush Beauty Brand. See the flyer for more detail. 

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