#AskTheBabes: Am I Creating Instagram Brand Awareness?

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It's me Gigi and I'm answering one of the #AskTheBabes questions that were submitted. 

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Branding Question: I know for a fact that my Instagram page needs visual consistency. My newly designed logo is purple white. I have no technical or design skill. So, I spent three hours on canva to create several images. They are all white background with white text with purple text. I am not sure if, instead of creating brand awareness and increasing followers, it will have the opposite effect and appear boring and lacking creativity. My goal was to launch new, more uniform images on January 1st but now I'm confused, overwhelmed, anxious and unsure. I saw your tip to use photography, which is great advice, but I have no clue on how to add text over photos. Any advice or help for me?


So I apologize in the delay of my answer. Boy! I'm sorry! However, let's tackle it now! 

First, I congratulate you on trying to make your graphics on Canva. That is awesome. Canva is an awesome resource for small biz owners who don't have a graphic designer in the budget. 

1. Your Social Media Platform Purpose Depends On Your Business

As a brand development specialist/(whatever you want to call me), I always ask my clients what the focus is within their business. For instance, you may own a retail clothing company. Why? I think it also depends on if you have a brick & mortar versus an online retail company. What is this IG platform serving as? Is it a behind-the-scenes look for your store? Is it an online resource of information? Are you a service based business or product based business?

2. Think about the platform's purpose

If you don't have the budget to obtain a social media manager, don't complicate your system. I think you should keep it nice and simple. I prefer that small biz startups use either all photos or the checkerboard pattern (photo, text post, photo, text post, repeat..). I would use your text posts to engage with your followers and then use the photos to show your products and what's going on behind the scenes for your business. I would also get a small lighting kit (if you sell physical products) and snap some cute styled stock photos. If you sell digital products, get some mockups made in Photoshop. You can find also some really chic mockups on Etsy & Creative Market. I wouldn't place text on the photos. Keep your photos clean from text. If anything you can watermark your images in the bottom corner using your logo or text with PicLab or Studio.

3. The Goal of Social Media = Community & Conversions

I can't say this enough but the goal of social media isn't about just likes or followers. It's about creating an online community and converting those followers into subscribers (email list) and ultimately customers. Don't get caught up if you don't blow up right away. You're in this for the long haul and not just a few months. Use your print material and business cards as ways to promote your social media channels. Use a special and unique hashtag that ties to your social media account. Make content that helps and benefits your followers/users. Posting quotes from other people are cute but it's not going to boost your brand's look. Come up with your own quotes. Share your own wisdom. Motivate from your heart and provide real advice that points to your brand. If you're a retailer that sells thrift clothing, share thrift tips and combine that with beautiful photos of your products. Don't make it "salesy". The #1 thing I hate is when people are only posting deals and pricing. People will see that on your website. Make your IG account fun. I will share more on this in the coming weeks. 

Remember: If you don't have a site yet don't waste the website link! I hate accounts that have nothing there! Set up an email marketing account and start collecting subscribers! Share that link as your website link. If the link is too short, shorten it at bit.ly #NoNakedProfiles



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