"Everybody is doing that" and Other Ish You Need to Ignore That People Say

There is nothing more annoying to me than people voicing their limited opinions about how other people pursue greatness. Everyday i scroll through my timeline and see derogatory comments from people about the career, personal, and business decisions that others make in their lives. I'm literally annoyed that they're annoyed. Like how hard is it to click an unfollow button if you're tired of seeing someone post on their page things that they're doing? 

Why does someone posting that they sell detox tea offend you? Perhaps because you're a Northerner and unlike the South, tea is not a prerequisite for dining? Maybe because you don't believe in the claims of the product, in which case you should have no issues dismissing it and moving on about your business?

I totally get the side eye effect of all these bandwagon businesses. Everyone is Mr. Me Too. What I don't get is the judgement that comes directly after. One of my friends recently got into business coaching after ten years working in human resources. Her passion is helping those young in their careers navigate their way to senior level positions.  This was something she's done in her position for years but never talked about because of the sensitive nature of her job.  Not even an hour after posting her career change on her personal social media pages, she received numerous negative comments and indirect posts as to why "people are so quick to be a business coach."

So what she's actually qualified.

So what this decision was something she worked on for over a year and a half.

So what she actually had contacts and wanted to help people.

So what it's something she'd been led spiritually to do and battled with being brave enough to leave a comfortable job to trust that this was her purpose in life. 

Because "they" of social media follow people that do something similar and are "tired of seeing business coaching advertised,"  she doubted herself. She sent me ten screenshots via texts and asked if I thought she made a mistake. I told her only if her master plan included her social media followers being promoted her master.

People can stay mad.

Sell your services. Sell you tea. Sell your waist trainer. Sell your vacations. See that lip gloss. Sell your books.  Keep selling yourself and promoting what you have to offer. "They" may not want it, but someone will.  Do what the hell you want to do and Diddy bop, hell Oprah bop, while you do it.


Well aren't you Ms. _________Healthy/Smarty Pants/Rich Bitch/Know-it All  (or other sarcastic title here)

Are you even qualified to do that?

I saw ______ (insert person that saw on IG that they want to make your competition without fully knowing your plan) and she is killing it, so you may want to rethink things. 

At the end of the day, no one knows the calling on your life and the experiences you've had that were not promoted. To allow yourself to be negatively influenced by someone else's opinion is doing yourself a major disservice and ultimately results in you being just like everyone else. So many people care about what others say and think that they limit themselves for fear of disapproval. You don't need approval. The next time you stop to consider the opinion of someone about something you're doing, you better qualify it. 

Am I ok with them being the Master of my Master Plan?

There's nothing wrong with living life the way you wish.

So what "everyone is doing it." Everyone is breathing too. Time and effort will tell those truly passionate and serious about what they're presenting to the world. You just make sure you have the staying power and perseverance to not be like "everybody."