Gorgeous Work Bags : The Starter's List

Hello Ladies! It's Gigi and I'm back with a guilty pleasure: Handbags. As a woman on the go, a quality bag with quality style is a must! I wanted to give you a list of my favorite bags with low and mid price ranges. I think you will find something that fits your budget and your style! I've divided them up by brands to make it easier. More lists will be coming so stay tuned!


1. H&M

My favorite go-to bag right now is my black tote from H & M (first two pictures). I've been carrying this bag around more than my LV Neverfull. For $40, you can't beat the price. It's been extremely sturdy and I've used it for travel. I also saw a similar look with the tassels. I added photos of the powder beige color as well. The bag that I have is sold out (go figure!).

1. Black Tote w/Tassels ($49.99): click here


Zara is my go-to for life. Their shoppers and just basic totes are such a steal for everyday work runs and travel. Throw your laptop and files in and head to the office. 

1. Office City Bag ($39.99): click here

2. Tote Bag ($49.90): click here



I don't know what life without Ted Baker is. My Ted Baker Odd Bobble wallet was the very first piece that I bought at my local Nordstrom store and it was heaven from that moment on. Ted Baker makes classic and affordable pieces that fits that lower middle range budget. They have some beautiful pieces to spice up your commute to and from the office. If you're the backpack type, here are some gorgeous ones as the warm weather comes our way.

1. Cosmic Bloom Backpack ($179): click here

2. Mariesa Backpack ($169): click here


It wouldn't be Business Babes if we left out Tory. Besides Tory having an amazing entrepreneur story, she has become a favorite of mine for work. Here are some great bags to take a peek at.

1. Marion Quilted Tote ($550): click here

2. Thea Medium Slouchy Satchel ($495): click here   

3. Ella Packable Tote ($225): click here

4. Thea Hobo ($475): click here

Mansur Gavriel

In my personal opinion, Mansur Gavriel strikes the perfect mix of high-end yet affordable fashion. I'm in love with their bucket bags. 

1. Mansur Large Tote: click here

2. Mansur Large Bucket Bag: click here