5 Ways to Put Some Respeck on Your Name as a Trep

"Put some respeck on my name." Birdman

Beyonce and Birdman pretty much put everyone on notice over the last 5 days that they play no games when it comes to their names. Birdman's whirlwind interview with the Breakfast Club last week let the world know that he was fed up with the gossip surrounding him and his entertainment company. As a public figure, he should be used to the streets talking, but that doesn't make it right or less hurtful when people talk negatively about the moves you make. Putting ourselves in his shoes, we can imagine wanting to confront people that make disparaging comments about our business decisions; especially if it's a brand we built from nothing to multi-million dollar status over several years.

And then there's Beyonce...

Imagine being able to make the world stop every time you launch a product. Since dropping her visual album on Saturday, her name is all over every news outlet, radio station, and social media app. Countless think pieces and front pages have been issued non-stop about her lyrics in less than a week. Big ticket action movies pay millions for the buzz she's been receiving for free.  Love or hate her, you must respeck the brand, business, and machine that is BEYONCE. She has bodied the entire music industry lane with the moves she's made in the business world.


So how do you as an enTREPreneur command respeck on your name without the goon squad or a multi-million dollar production budget? Take a look at these 5 steps.

1. Be Googleable- What comes up when your name is entered into a google search box? It should properly reflect who you are and what you bring to the table as an influencer, writer, serial entrepreneur, etc... Are your LinkedIn and social media accounts up to date and tailored to your audiences? Is your press coming up on the first page? Do you have guest blog, or shared slide decks or videos online so people can witness you without you having to be present? Who you are online is extremely important in terms of others being able to find you credible and useful.

2. Be Bragadocious- It's wonderful to be humble, but you still have to let people know your gifts and talents. What you bring to the table needs to be shared. How else will people know to book you, buy from you, or connect with you? Create a pitch that's informative yet will hook people into falling in love with you.


3. Write. Writing helps to establish you as an authority in your filed and extend your thumbprint online. If people can only get a feel for who you are by being in your presence, you're limiting yourself.

4. Speak: Speaking also helps to establish you as an authority. Unlike writing, being in the room allows people to experience your aura and energy. People never forget how you make them feel, so seek out speaking engagements to showcase your personality and have people fall in love with you.

5. Become a (Social) Networker. Word of mouth is still the best marketing tool around. Associate with groups and organizations that can help strengthen you as a leader in your field. Not only do you get the benefit of being affiliated with the best, you're making valuable connections with people that can help sing your praises.

In the event you were grinding all week last week and didn't turn on a TV, radio, or read a paper, here are links to Birdman's interview and Queen Bey's album

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