Why I Stopped Following My Dreams

Hear me out first. I know that the title can seem like a slap in the face to the Cinderella-like imagination that we grew up with. However, this was the reality I faced when I became an entrepreneur. I had many dreams and desires. 

What are you passionate about though? Have you ever watched a really intense movie and then went to sleep while dreaming about being chased somewhere in Thailand by ninjas? I know I have many times. I'll never forget seeing Papa Pope from Scandal pop up in my dreams. I now make sure I watch my drama shows when there is light outside. Haha.

The point is following your dreams is a bit too vague. Dreams aren't tangible. They are just dreams. They are filled with wishes and far off sighs. However, passion is something that sticks with you even when you try to put it down. Passion is linked with purpose. When I discovered my passion, I turned it into my purpose and then into profit. 

Many people have dreams. What makes us entrepreneurs is that we tapped into our passion. I'm not saying that one of your dreams includes your passion. What I am saying is that dreams are intangible. I have actually stopped dreaming. Instead, I've started using my vision to paint a picture of where my life is headed. Vision is precise and aimed at something in particular. I don't base my vision off of someone else's desires or their own goals. I see myself based upon pure desires rooted in my faith. I actually know that I'm going somewhere amazing. It's not just because I'm saying it but I'm putting my feet on the road to destiny. I'm actually doing it! 

Side Bar of Wisdom: Sometimes life hands us crap. Sometimes we find ourselves in tough situations and we think that it's the call to give up in life. We then begin to compare where we are in our journey to someone else's walk. Don't think that you aren't living an amazing life because you aren't on fire like the next woman. Be grateful and thankful for what you have. I've learned that it's the little things in life that make the difference. I met a 54 year old woman once (she isn't 54 anymore obviously) and she told me that she had dreamed of being 10 different things. I asked her what happened. She said she changed her focus and instead wished to just live a life of contentment and happiness. She wanted a peaceful life. She lived a life of passion. She was passionate about her peace. I think that's pretty awesome :)