#BB500 Life Goals Challenge

As we were preparing for the #BB500 challenge, I immediately fell in love with this idea and challenge! The first thing that I thought is that I am doing this. If I can be honest, I also thought “how will I even come up with 500 wants?” Then I began to think about what Steve Harvey was really instructing these young men to do. See, most people will hear “write down 500 things you want” and limit it to business only. If that is you, you are already limiting yourself and what you believe is possible. It is natural for most people to assume that he was only referring to the professional wants due to the nature of this particular episode of the show but once again, that is where the challenge begins. You must understand that the instruction to make a list of 500 things you want to achieve is an instruction to look at life holistically. This means that you have to really take the limits off what you believe is possible, what you currently know and what you see on a daily basis. We know that it is hard to come up with a list of 500 things (honestly, it may take you longer than 30 days to complete this list) but it is not impossible. In order to help you, we’ve divided life into a few different categories and added some thought provoking questions to help you get started. 

•    Spiritually – Do you want to pray more? Study a different religion? Commit to attending church services regularly? Gain a deeper knowledge of your own belief system?
•    Physically – Do you want to lose weight? Stop smoking? Stop Drinking? Move to a different city?
•    Mentally/emotionally – Do you want to see a therapist regularly for mental health checkups? Take more personal time to unwind? Begin a new hobby? Meditate regularly? 
•    Educationally – Do you want to finish school? Get some new certifications? Learn a new language? Travel to learn about a different culture?
•    Financially – Do you want to have one million dollars in your bank account? Do you want to save more? Do you want to start investing in stocks? Do you want to give more money to charity?
•    Relationally – Do you want to become closer to your family? Spend more time you’re your friends? Renew your relationship with yourself? Recommit to your marriage?
•    Professionally - Are there better job opportunities for your field in a different city? Start a new business? Turn a hobby into a business? Apply for the promotion at your job?

These categories and questions are the beginning of the thought process. We just want to get your mind going. Remember that the purpose of this challenge is to think outside of the box. Your mind is conditioned to think comfortably. Society often dictates to us what is okay for us to believe in. Our environment TRIES to limit us. We could all list 50 reasons why we won’t event start the challenge but that is the where the discipline and push has to begin. We challenge you to not just make the list but to also take some of the items on your list and turn them into daily affirmations. Speak those affirmations until they happen. This challenge is not about what you can attain currently but about what you believe you can achieve. 

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