10 Things I Learned From The Sharp Heels Summit

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Sharp Heels Career Advancement Summit Panel Discussion and Workshops at the Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia, Pa. It was action packed and full of value. Check out my top takeaways below along with some photos I took throughout the day.

1. Have a career plan. It should be continuously improved because of life changes or industry changes. 

2. Be aligned with what motivates you and what gives you energy. A job can drain you. Know who you are and be true to that. Find what energizes you. 

3, Take action. Don't be afraid to put action behind your goals.

4. Do something to differentiate yourself. 

5. You have to earn the right to say "no" sometimes in the workplace. No is earned.

6. Work to create equal pay. 

7. No industry has gone undisrupted by technology. Make sure you stay current.

8,. Do it scared.

9. Find a woman mentor.

10. Pay it forward.

Check out our IG story to get exclusive commentary from the event and be certain to follow and research all of the speakers.