When a Babe Does the Bahamas

I was recently treated to a birthday baecation trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. I've had some pretty amazing birthday experiences, however, this one was extra special.  How Stella Got Her Groove Back meets Beyonce Drunk in Love type special. We did it up... Business Babe Style! I've been to the Bahamas on two previous occasions, but this time, I ventured out past the resort to embark on some amazing experiences I know I'll remember forever. Allow me to share more below.

Island Hop the Out Islands

Island hopping on a speed boat is just about the bossiest feeling in life! Within the Bahamas, there is a string of 700 islands that account for 84% of the land mass and display a natural and untouched beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Each island has an entirely unique personality, with one, unmistakable theme in common: pure beauty.

A trip to the Bahamas is not complete without a trip to a number of theses islands. During my excursion, our captain pointed out several notable landmarks like Jay Z and Beyonce's house, Tyler Perry's home, Johnny Depp's island, the Louis Vuitton estate and much, much more. We made five stops to visit different beaches including Eleuthera IslandStained Cay, and Big Major Cay (also known as (Pig Beach).


 Each of them was amazing. Whether you’re visiting the famous Exuma Swimming Pigs of Staniel Cay, or the magnificent Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island, your tour of the islands will be absolutely unforgettable.

business babes island hopping


 Swimming with Pigs, Sharks, and Lizards (Oh My!)

"Look up Peppa. Say cheese."

Never would I ever think swimming with pigs would be something I would enjoy. These pigs are not normal. Near the island of Staniel Cay, you will find one of the most famous Bahamas attractions – the Exuma Swimming Pigs. They're semi friendly (the female pigs are super aggressive and will bite you on the butt for attention and food) and have a way of welcoming you before you deboard the boat.  

Some say the pigs were left on this island by sailors many years ago as a reserve source of food, while others suggest that there may have been pigs aboard a ship that sank in the area. I probably should have asked the crew from our boat, however, I was too mesmerized by how friendly and well-mannered the pigs were. Whatever their origin, a visit to the swimming pigs has become the most sought after tour in the world, and for good reason. 

Of course a Business Babe seizes every opportunity to enter the Shark Tank!

business babes sharks

Not gonna lie. A shark grazing your butt in the middle of the ocean is pertifying. I probably said "Jesus" 10,000 times while swimming with these nurse sharks in Staniel Cay. 

Here Lizard, Lizard!

business babes iguanas bahamas

The easiest excursion I thought I'd be able to tackle was feeding the iguanas on Bitter Guana Cay. I was wrong lol. It looks a lot easier than said when when a thousand miniature dwarf dragons are running after you for cherries. Daenerys Targaryen I am not lol. 

The Queen's Staircase

It's February and in honor of my #GrowingUpBlack upbringing, I still celebrate and look for ways to learn more about Black Culture during Black History Month. On our way to our resort, our driver gave us a mini history lesson on all of the historic sites we passed. The one that stuck out the most was The Queen's Staircase. The Queen’s Staircase is one of Nassau’s most visited attractions. 

The 102-foot staircase was hand-carved by approximately 600 slaves, who used pick axes and hand tools to cut their way through solid limestone. It took over 16 years to complete and was named in honor of the 65-year reign of Queen Victoria, “who had signed a declaration to abolish slavery on her ascension to the throne in 1837.” Today, the Queen’s Staircase still acts as both a passageway to Fort Fincastle and a shortcut to Bennet’s Hill.

Visiting this definitely felt like finding a gem in the middle of town. Surrounded by neighborhoods and office buildings, once you arrive, you instantly felt transported back in time. It was surreal...well until I saw the huge mice lol. Germaine to garden like conditions, we definitely saw mice and even snakes out and about. It was well worth 


Straw Market Tour

No Business Babe trip to the Bahamas would be complete without supporting fellow Business Babes! Straw vending is considered one of the country's oldest industries with organized markets in Nassau, Cable Beach, Paradise Island and a number of The Family Islands. Each island has developed its own distinctive plaiting or braiding style to create beautiful straw hats, baskets, etc.

straw market business babes

While in Nassau, we visited The Straw Market to pick up Bahamian souvenirs. This marketplace housed many Bahamian Business Babes selling everything from hats to small wood carving as a trinket to take home to a family member iIn addition to many authentic hand-crafted merchandise, the Straw Market also offers many other items. 

Honorable Mention...

We did a ton of other activities like visiting the aquarium at Atlantis, tearing up the casinos, dining at Nobu, eating all jerk everything, kicking it by the pool, and taking full advantage of the open bar at our hotel. 

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One note...if you're of the curvy persuasion, know the back of the swimsuits are on the skinnier side and you may be thong status lol. (Kevin Hart voice "I wasn't ready."). But hey, you're on vacay!!!

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