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Hello Babes:

I recently watched the #xoxoYo video where Yolanda discussed how she handled a tense situation in the workplace. I wanted to reach out and ask how to deal with a situation at my job where I feel like business bullying is taking place. I work very close to a co-worker that does not like me and that goes out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable. Examples include insinuating that I can't have access to our shared office because she keeps her personal belongings there, speaking to my boss trying to change my workload without my coordination, and several other incidents. I have elevated my concerns to my boss, but they have a relationship with my co-worker, so I feel like my concerns are falling on deaf ears. How should I proceed?

-Bullying In the Workplace (Information was redacted and names omitted to preserve privacy)


Dear Bullying in the Workplace:

Firstly, congrats on having the balls to stick up for yourself. No one deserves to work in a hostile workplace or be put in a situation where they feel uncomfortable. Secondly, consult your company's HR policy for situations like this. You want to be informed and follow that to a T so that if anything transpires, you'll be in the clear because you followed the appropriate protocol. Align your steps with what's stated.

Since you've already escalated the matter to your immediate supervisor, I think it's best you file a formal complaint against your co-worker. In life, you teach people how to treat you, and a lack of  action on your part obviously has her thinking this is ok behavior. Make sure that you state you discussed the incident previously with you immediate supervisor. Documenting information like this will also give you the upper-hand because you're being proactive about it. Think about what would happen if an incident occurred and it's your word against hers.  You want to show there has been a history of behavior. 

Lastly, ensure you consult with your HR department and ask them to help provide a remedy for the situation. If that means moving one of you to a different area or doing mediation, be open to the solution. You don't want to sit on this and go postal on your co-worker months down the line because the issues have erupted. Your main thing is to be the best professional in your role so that you can ascend. Anyone that threatens that has to go. Write your complaint, chuck your stress and anxiety the deuces, submit it, follow-up, and get back to being great!




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