It’s easy to overthink marketing strategy.  We often think it is this complex thing that we need to research or hire someone else to do.  With most small business, your next client or customer will come via a referral from a former customer or someone in your network.  Here are five things you can do today to cultivate that network.

1. Call five people and schedule lunch or coffee for this month.  Talk to them about their business.  Find out how you can help them.  Tell them what you do and then follow up.

2. Tell your network what you are doing.  Tell your friends and family about your business, where, when and what services or products you provide.  At times, we neglect our network because we think they know all the services or products that we offer.  However, it may not be true.

3. Register for a networking event. This event should preferably be outside of your industry, but be a potential source of referrals. For example, a divorce attorney may attend a networking event for family therapists. 

4. Create a content calendar.  Take a calendar a plan your social media posts for the week.  And then do it.  Remember to use hashtags, include a call to action, and link back to your website.

5. Email, call, or write former customers or clients.  Talk to them about their experience with your company.  Update them on new services or products your offer. 

Doing these five things on a regular basis should continue to provide you with new and/or repeat business.  Remember that it is easier (and cheaper) to get repeat customers than new customers.