Loss To Profit: How I Turned A Devastating Loss Into Prosperity

In the span of one year, I was let go from two positions unexpectedly. Both times, it was a devastating loss because I was not prepared mentally, emotionally or financially. I experienced depression, frustration and confusion about which direction to follow. This time re-ignited my passion for helping other aspiring entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams. In this teleseminar, I want to tell you everything that I did to turn that loss into a profit. I was able to take my pain and use it to push myself into a successful career. Everyone knows that the first year can be the most challenging but I am determined to show you how I did it and to make it less challenging for you.  

Who should watch?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs from all industries
  • Individuals who are struggling with how to turn a loss into purpose
  • Individuals seeking encouragement for the journey of business ownership and leadership

What will you learn?

  • How I overcame depression to discover my purpose
  • How I overcame fear to pursue my purpose
  • How I transformed that purpose into prosperity: The Prosperity Plan
  • How to prepare yourself to be a CEO or industry leader: CEO preparation process

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