SHOW ME- Test Driving Candidates During the Hiring Process.


By Alycia A. Kinchloe, Esq., MBA

Actions mean so much more than words.  Especially when we are talking about words on a resume.  The most qualified applicant on paper can be the least able in reality.  Your time is important.  Their mistakes can be costly.  Make them show you, they are the best for the job.

When hiring for any level in your business, you need to insure that the person you are hiring has the right skills and is the right fit for your company.  While this is especially so for C-level employees, it is also true for all other levels. You should always perform some type of test that allows you to see that person in action.  We are not talking about the probationary period here.  At that point, it’s already too late.  By that time, you’ve already turned down or risked losing other good potential candidates.  You must test each applicant during the application/vetting process.

You should have a test prepared for each applicant that will allow you to assess their skills and readiness before they are hired.  When I was hired as a file clerk at a law firm, I was given a timed typing test and index cards to sort alphabetically, also timed.  As a manager, I have given potential law clerks briefs to write or cases to analyze, also timed.  Spending a little more time up front will save you a lot of time (and headaches) on the back end.  

How do you test-drive your candidates?

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